Fine tune the challenge

i like the idea of progression true challenge, it allow a progression while getting out of its comfort zone and it ditch the K/D ratio XP that plague every mode but slayer. the thing is, some challenge are just over the top, i have to kill 10 player with a plasma sword, use a fuel rod i have never seen in the game, and kill someone with the reflector.

i get the idea of reward true effort. but there is a balance.

it remind me a handgun in BF4. you have to open a stupid gate in sunken dragon(1 time per match), and i spent 30-40 match swapping server just to be the first to open this gate.

when the challenge kill the objectif of the game. just change the challenge.
im sure a ballance can be find. kill 10 with plasma weapon seems a good start.

otherwise i love the game.

thanks 343


i feel the challenge system is better now, the challenge seems less impossible to achieve, like, you need to investe a bit more time and sometime a bit more effort toward a specific weapon BUT not overwhelming.

thank you

next imporvement i would like to see is the ultimate challenge remove, or modify. you feel the grind on those challenge and do no play as much for the fun.

in general, i have a tone of fun in the game thanks.

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nah correct,
most of the challenge seems right, but the challenge with 10 kill with a power weapon are too much. 3 would be nice.
and the chopper ( 5 kill ) was a pain for me. good day, it can be done pretty quick. but yesterday i wanted so much to ghet 5 kill, i have been kill 2 time by the chopper while it was falling, do you thing i was an asset for my team…
and we should be allow to pic our challenge from the list of the 16 challenge.
focus ranked than focus quick play, etc

thank you

some challenge seems bugged, did kill with the carbine pulse and i was still at 0/3, than i made 1 kill with the rocket and got 1/3 pulse carbine, it happen 3 time and i needed to use swap to fix it. plz fix it and giving us the choose to pick our challenge from the 16 offer would be nice.

thank you

some challenge do not compile the number of kill, and by a tremendous amont. did 18 kill and it registered 7,. every round, i lose some kill.

im sure you are already aware of the problem, but its good to know the magnitude of the problem.

keep up the good work.