Finding old Halo figures to buy and collect

I’m not usually someone who collects a lot of Halo figures, but I really want a Spartan Buck 6-inch figure so badly since he is one of my top favorite characters. Yet, when I look for one, it’s either out of stock, absurdly expensive, or only available outside the US. This is sadly the problem with old Halo figures nowadays. At least I am glad I got the Halo 5 Chief (there is a second version of him with a damaged visor) and Fred 6-inch figures in 2018 when they were still cheap to buy.

It would be nice if we could get action figures of our favorite characters from Reach, 4, 5, or Wars 2 without having to shell out absurd amounts of money. I blame myself for not getting a Spartan Buck or Jerome figure back in 2018-2020 when they were still cheap to buy and readily available.

Now, the dominant brand of 4~6-inch Halo figures (12 inch ones included) is Jazwares, which I haven’t even bought from them yet. I am curious to see people’s opinions on them, but from what I have seen, there’s just way too many Halo Infinite Chief figures. TOO MANY! Almost every series of Spartan Collection or World of Halo figures has a Halo Infinite Chief figure with a different weapon or equipment from the previous one. I still personally have no interest in buying any of the Halo Infinite Spartan figures, and I am scared to see how Jazwares will mess up a potential Spartan Buck figure.