Finding it hard to want to play.

It is a sad state of affairs when I have to motivate myself to play Halo. I love Halo. Everything about it. But the amount of problems are starting to outweigh the fun.
I hope 343i can get this working better soon. I want to play Halo without crashes/freezing. I bought CoD a week before Halo launched and dropped it as soon as Halo came out. I tried it last night and was amazed at how fast you’re in a game. I became used to slow launches using Halo. I just I’m just whining about not being able to play consistently.
I don’t know how long this game will last in this state. Should have been years, but how long can people put up with this?

Please fix it!!!

im in the exact same boat as you are my friend. i find myself almost forcing myself to play halo because I know I problably wont find a match. if i do, its probably going to be brs on lockout for the 1000th time. ughh. sad to say but my enthusiasm was a 10 now a 2. i might repurchase CodAw. idk.

I bought this game to have fun but its not fun when you are slaughted. last halo game i played before this was odst 6 years ago and before that h2 pc. it was great.

halo 4 is the only halo that actually get a round off and kill someone lol. but since its not even available anymore on mcc, i have no reason to insert the disc anymore

It’s very difficult to get into a game with friends, especially since most of the friends I game with that do play Halo have gone back to Destiny for the time being. Regardless, search times in parties are ridiculous and we still get split up unless we back out of the lobby after each game.
Halo 3 was by far my favourite, and my preferred gametype is 16 players BTB; CTF, Assault and so on with vehicles. Teams are frequently unbalanced, player counts for BTB is all wrong (I know about the assorted problems associated with 16 players in TMCC, which is why they put a soft cap on the player count, but BTB really is not the same without 8v8) and getting to play classic Halo 3 BTB (such as Valhalla multi flag) is a rarity ime. I really just want a Halo 3 BTB playlist, as I always lag on CE despite a 55 mpbs download speed, H4 is god awful apart from the Oddball gametype (which doesn’t appear in BTB in the first place), H2A is really cool but everyone always wants to do BR Slayer and H2C doesn’t load properly for me half the time.
I really do want to play, but I’ve found I haven’t switched on my Xbox in the last couple days apart from to help a friend with coop campaign, yet when Destiny was released I played that as often as I could up until the release of TMCC. It seems the matchmaking problems has sapped my enthusiasm for playing the Xbox full stop. It’s really unfortunate too, as this could have been like the good old days. Inter-game playlists are all fine and dandy, but imo it takes something out of the experience.

I’m in the exact opposite boat it seems. I took the first 2 weeks off from the game more or less to let some of the bugs be fixed. Now I’m stoked and playing MCC alsmot every day with RELATIVELY no problems. I have a hard reset here and there, but game is playable and I enjoy the MM. Hopefully they fix the party issues and I’ll be good to go.

Take some time off the game, then come back and see how you feel. You will either feel eh, similar to how you do now, or be stoked to play again.

Oh, I’m still stoked to play. Just not right now. I never played competitively (besides Team Doubles) and I played Halo 3 the most as I just had the most fun on it, whether the elaborate infection custom games or BTB CTF/Objective games. The main things I’m looking forward to happening are H2A infection maps, what with the improved forge and scripting etc, and of course (hopefully) a dedicated Halo 3 16 player BTB playlist.

My enthusiasm for xbox in general has just been sapped a little for the time being I guess.