Finding Archaic Weapons, vehicles, and ships!

Halo 5: Guardians is looking to be a Great Journey for the Master Chef, with no end in possibilities for whatever he might find when running away from the UNSC or whatever he is doing… As we all know the Human-Covenant War timeline is pretty long spanning over 25 years. Leaving lots of debris all over the galaxy, including The Spirit of Fire being a lost ship filled with archaic vehicles and weapons that the UNSC doesn’t use anymore. The outer colonies that haven’t been resettled yet, after the covenant invasions more than 25 years ago. In Halo lore the UNSC has went through a lot of weapon designs, armor, and all those Assault rifle versions MA5, MA5B, MA5k, ect… Adding new stuff is completely fine and absolutely necessary, but ignoring the old stuff that worked just fine, kinda seems off. And all halo games are accused of this. I think by adding tidbits of the old with the new would be great, to show the struggle of the Chef doing everything he can to do whatever it is he is doing. So having special weapons for certain missions wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Say Colony X fell at the beginning of the war, and has yet to be massively resettled, of course the weapons and vehicles found on that planets’ derelict cities and old UNSC bases will be outdated and acknowledging that fact will bring you deeper into the atmosphere and story even expanding lore into previously foggy areas. I’m not saying all the mission specific weapons need to behave differently from their modern counterparts like rate of fire or ammo count. Just that they look like the older versions of the new stuff the UNSC has. And if you find yourself on the UNSC Infinity, using the new stuff like seen in the beta is perfect. But if i find myself aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, i would like to see time appropriate weapons. Looking back at the older consoles i can see where using assets for just one mission might be a waste of resources, but i believe the Xbox One is more than capable to pull it off.

i agree. i was kinda confused as to why the newer battle rifle, assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, and warthog models were in the beginning of the game when none of those models were onboard the forward unto dawn in halo 3. and the SAW wasnt even in halo3, so why is it in the second mission of halo 4? i understand that the new warthog model was in prototype stage in 2552(halo 2 anniversary), but it wasnt in halo 3 so therefore not on forward unto dawn. but as far as the other weapons go, they should have used the older models to stay consistent with the canon.

I agree, I also liked some of the older models of weapons/vehicles not all, mind u, but some