Finding a perfect Home

I am still looking for a clan
GT: Anton 044
Decent player
Halo 4:2.58/Rank SR 108
Halo Reach: 1.59/Rank Forerunner
MIC [Yes] No
Active [Yes] NO

Message me or post here thanks for your time


I am part of XGC Titans Crius Squad we are strcitly halo 4, we currently have 60,000+ members in the total clan. we abide by an honor code and we play to have fun but we do our best to win if by chance you would like to add me and we can play some thats cool so you can see what we are like I am currently on quite a bit so just friend me and we can go from there.


Come check us out.

hey dude give us an add, mostly play reach though.

The Shadosian Empire,
we have 60+ members,
we function like a proper country with voting etc.
Message me if interested.

  • Raging Venom.