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I played some Halo 3 infection tonight on MCC for PC and I got matched with a player by the name of <mark>redacted</mark> I believe he was a hacker of some sorts because he would boot people from the game, which I thought was impossible. There was no proper reason to either. He would just pick random people off the list in the match and type !boot (player name) and that player would then be kicked from the game. When I called him out on it, he kicked me as well. Just as well, random betrayals would happen when the person I supposedly betrayed was nowhere near me. I have no proof that one was him, but I don’t doubt he had something to do with it. Below is a link to a google doc with a picture of his player card. I’ve never had to/wanted to report someone before so I’m not sure how. I figured with a community as nice as this one though, y’all would help get it done, or at the very least help prevent it in the future.