Find people to play halo with here!

The Renegades is a newly forming clan for people who love Halo and plan on playing Halo for years to come.

We are currently recruiting based on current guidelines

  1. You love Halo
  2. Your looking for a good group of people to play with
  3. You live in the US (due to timezones)
  4. You play halo reach regularly
  5. You plan on buying Halo 4 first week of launch and plan on playing it almost all the time!
  6. You own and use a Mic
  7. You enjoying playing in groups and being social.

We are also looking for recruiters. Recruiters will be highly respected and put in a high position. If you wish to become a recruiter of the Renegades please reply requesting the position.

The Renegades are strict with who they except into their ranks, but if you meet the requirements you should have no problem.

Please Reply for membership or a recruitiment position

Thank you

How many posts do you intend on making on this subject? You haven’t even given people an opportunity to respond to your first message because you created like 4 posts on the same subject.

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