"Find God" Ultimate King Of The Hill Map/Game

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Get cast out of Heaven, free fall 1000ft, and land unharmed! … in Hell.

The most epic KOTH game possible. Literally of Biblical proportions. You can become an Angel. You can become a Demon. You can pass back a forth between the two worlds. It may sound a little morbid, but watching a bunch of lost souls and dead bodies spill over into a bottomless pit is pretty fun.

The “Find God” gametype is awesome for this map, but it works great with almost any variation of KOTH, CTF, Assault, or Territories. It’s not bad for Team Slayer either.

The “Find God” gametype is a static-king game with two custom power ups that create an “Angel,” or “Fallen Angel/Demon” player for 60 seconds. The increased mobility, shield, and sword/hammer of the superior being allows them to patrol the the pit much more effectively. They also turn bright white and it looks cool…

I hope everyone will enjoy this map, and the game.

After playing this map again with 10-14 people for quite a while yesterday, I am pretty sure that it is my favorite map/gametype that I have made.
It may look chaotic, but the gameplay moves very well, and nothing is too difficult to figure out. The addition of falling into hell as a 2nd negative outcome, along with the regular (getting killed), really changes the dynamic.

i play this quite alot when lots of people are online, very good map and game type, thank you.

Hey, thank you. I’m very glad people are enjoying it. If you ever need an extra player let me know.