Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

Is your clan currently on the search for new members? If so, this is the thread for you. You may use this thread to list your clan and clan info so people who are looking for a group to join can know what you’re about.

What information is needed?

Please list the following in your post:

  • Name of your clan
  • Point of contact
  • Clan mission
    This thread is NOT for discussion and should not be used as such. If any free agents looking see a clan you are interested in, please contact the point of contact or poster directly.

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Good luck and happy hunting!

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Clan Name: AWI - A Worthwhile Investment.

Points Of Contact: AWI Your Fear or AWI IK H2PLY GD

Mission: To represent a fun-loving, tight-knit group of FRIENDS. We give freedom for ideas building on collective and individual strengths such as Game Types, Playing styles, and Tactics in games. We want Quirky, Crazy, Chilled and fun Personalities because in AWI, Personality Triumphs over K/D :slight_smile:

Message via Gamertag or reply with @AWI and we shall contact you.

Original Waypoint Recruitment Thread here…

Thank you. AWI Your Fear.

Name of your clan: PMS & ALLIES Halo Division (within the PMS Clan)(Co-ED)

Point Of Contact: Ovaryacting PMS (Clan Leader)

Clan mission: Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment
to female gamers while promoting respect for women in matches
and tournaments.

We are always having community events, game nights, and competitive tournaments! To recruit please join our Discord server at PMS Clan

We are currently recruiting for Halo 5 & MCC

Post updated 07.20.21

Name of your clan: Midland Base

Point of contact: Apply here

  • or -

Clan mission: Purpose of Midland Base

Winning is good, getting better at the game is better, and earning achievements is awesome.

But there is no kill count, no skill level, and no achievement worth treating another player badly.

The intent of this group, its sole purpose for existing, is to serve as a meeting place for mature, respectful, honest, and polite people who like to play Halo – regardless of their playing ability – in order to get together and play without the typical vulgarity, rudeness, cheating, and other tomfoolery encountered when playing with randoms.

We all want to get better, we all want to win, and we all want to earn achievements. However, the common thread we all should have as members of Midland Base is the belief that the pursuit of those goals should not come at the expense of our civility to one another or our honesty and integrity in playing the game.

If you cannot find it in yourself to put honesty, integrity, and civility ahead of your personal goals and ambitions you should not be a member of Midland Base.

•Name of your clan Forerunner Conflict

•Point of contact
Myself (zeta Crossfire)
Or check out FCWARS.NET

•Clan mission
Have you ever played a game of risk before? If so our community is basically that. Two armies fighting with real people instead of game pieces over a risk type board with Halo maps replacing countries. If you haven’t played RISK then it’s a community of people who play halo and we get together as a community every Sunday at 6 PM EST and have massive battles, sometimes 70+ people fighting each other on different games at the same time.

Check us out at FCWARS.NET

Community Name: EQSC - DEAD

Apologies for this

clan name DMR

•Point of contact DMR FoxWolf

•Clan mission
hello we’re a halo 4 gaming group called DMR, we are all about dedication motivation and respect we hold regular practices and all our members are very friendly we are a non competitive group and just like to have fun you DO NOT have to change your gamertag if this sounds like something youre interested in message my gamertag (DMR FoxWolf) and ill get back to ya ASAP thank you!!

*Clan name: Xiled Gamine Community(XGC)

*Point of contact: XGC Ghost Wolf or XGC Darq Bishop

*Clan mission

To come together and have a fun time playing all versions of Halo 4. We are a fun bunch to game with. We are not into constant drilling like other hardcore clans. We are a non competitive gaming clan that are just looking for like minded gamers. If you join to answer any question no you don’t have to change your name and you advance in the clan ranks by just how much you want to put into it and there is no push to make you be there if you don’t want to. We are an 18+ clan. so if you are interested please add me as a friend or message me, my gamertag(XGC Ghost Wolf) or XGC Darq Bishop and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Clan name: The Nephilim

Contact Gamertag: Brent McKenley

Mission: To provide our members with an in depth, complex gaming experience with a well-structured and well-organized gaming community and to get more involved with other gaming communities, whether friendly or hostile, for the ultimate gaming experience. Communication and teamwork are important, but we are mostly about having fun and enjoying playing together and working as a team.

See my recruiting thread to learn more about us or just simply send me a message or a friend request and i will gladly explain our system to you.

Clan Name - The All Star Deck Clan
Point of Contact - A.S.D. (Community)
Clan Mission - Our cause in our community is to have fun, welcome people/ clans from multiple of backgrounds, and to help our community grow and prosper, our clan has 7 branches thats 7 different clans you can join in that have different rules/ background theirs the: K190 (Forging Clan), O.D.S.T.(Competitive organized Clan), B.D.C.O. (Competitive Vehicle/Demolition Clan) , C.S.F (Costume Game Clan) , O.N.I. (Freelancer Clan), U.R. (Hardcore Clan), & finally A.S.F. (Vehicle Clan) we are an all around based type of clan
Clans and new recruits are welcome to join us, we are very active, we have game nights and matchmaking nights every week, and we are active on both Halo 4 and REACH, we host tournaments with prizes as well, and we even have our own website & Facebook Page, we try whatever we can to help our community grow come join the community
If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact me on XBOX LIVE
Thank You,
DevilishJAY21 (Co-Founder of A.S.D.)

Clan name: Hyperion Legion

Point of Contact: Hyperion CMDR

Clan Mission: Enjoy a game and work as a team.

Hyperion Legion is a multi gaming community in which we work as a team to finish our games. We are always looking for new spartans to join the legion. visit for more information.

Name: KSI
Contact: KSI QCyrax
Mission: Fun

We’re made up from thousands of members across various games and platforms, mainly Halo 4 on Xbox 360. We just want to have fun and are always looking up to meet new people. We have custom game nights every days. We do have a ranking structure, but it is more casual than anything else: only responsibilities within the clan change with rank.

Hit me up on Xbox Live if you’re interested! My gamertag is KSI QCyrax.

Name of Clan: SYN Aftershock

Point of Contact: Message on Xbox LIVE to Azaiatavin, Squeakbot, or SYN Freedom

Clan Mission:

We are a community of gamers who enjoy hanging out together, playing some Halo together, and always looking to improving our skills. We are an underground clan who are always looking for players who are not afraid of a little friendly trash talking. SO, if you’ve got a mic and are not afraid to use it…and are at least 16 or older, message us! Better yet, come play with us!

We are Knights of the Round Table. We are a small and simple clan on halo 4.

Our motto: Die on your feet before living on your knees.

To join message AgtWashington90 (Co leader)
More information Can be foung in our recruitment video or our website.

Video Website

Hello there, I’m trying to form a competitive 4v4 team that works well together through communication, teamwork and skill. We can do scrims, 1v1s or just go into matchmaking, I’m happy to do anything that will improve my halo game and yours. The point of this team is to win (and have fun doing so, but competing at the higher levels in halo is the main objective). This isn’t a community with a bunch of people that you’ll never talk to and it’s not a clan, it’s just me (so far) hoping to find some like minded, competitive halo players who want to win at all costs. So if you think this is you and you want to be a part of this competitive scene, just private message me on here or send me a message on Xbox live and we can work the rest out from there.
Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual battlefield!

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Name of clan: BlackMoon Security Company

Point of contact: BlackMoonPrime or BlackMoonVenom on xbox live

Clan mission: To create a safe and friendly environment for players who wish to help us crush other clans

Security Over Life.

You must have a headset, be 15+ and be able to change your emblem, service tag and armour colours.

Loyalty and determination required.


POC: EE OShmere

Established 10Nov04, Epsilon Eridani’s purpose is to establish and maintain an online presence and shelter to those seeking sportsmanship. We are dedicated to fair, structured, and professional online game play and community interaction. We also exist to stand against the mountain of social abuse, lack of professionalism, and general disorder that plagues the online world. Anyone who feels inline with our values are encouraged to tryout for membership. Epsilon Eridani is militarily structured and it’s cadre is largely made up of U.S. DoD service members and veterans. Gamers that are active duty, reserve, national guard, or veterans are highly encouraged to tryout for membership.

-Into The Howling Dark

Name of Clan : H2O Halo (within the PMS/H2O Clan) (All Male)

Point of Contact : Cydrogus (Battle Manager)

Clan mission : Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment to female gamers. We support PMS as gamers and friends, play with our clan mates, and actively create a positive friendly environment for every gamer out there. As gamers we’re competitive, we encourage those who wish to take their gaming to the next level, just as we encourage those who support the community and choose to play on a recreational level. We also host game nights and tournaments.
If you would like more information, send a private message to the Gamertag H2O Cydrogus or visit

Knights of the Round Table

Message LAXPLAYER2861 on Xbox Live.

Our mission is to have fun.

You can watch our recruitment video for some more information here - YouTube

Clan Name: Chaos Gaming

Point of contact: Chaos Branches: (Chaos Backlash, Chaos Conquest, Chaos Dynasty, Chaos Fearless, Chaos Revolver, Chaos Shockwave, and Chaos Supremacy)

Mission: Chaos exists to make a community of friends and gamers. We enjoy a laid-back style of management and gameplay. We play custom games and try to have a good time. We value strong personalities over your K/D. We want people who know how to have a good time.

(Message on xbox for better responses)

We have almost constant events and daily Gamenights at 8 and 9 pm EST
<mark>You Need to to join is to be at least 16 years of Age and have a working Mic (Not Kinect)</mark>

Thank you for your time,