Find a balance between Spartans

So, many here are huge Halo fans no doubt. I’m sure you’ve all noticed a pretty big issue with the Spartans and that is, their power level. It has no true definition and right now Spartans are suffering from what i can Superman syndrome.

Spartans power is limited ( or unlimited) to whatever the author decides them to be.From Sergeant Forge fighting Douglas in hand to hand combat and almost winning to Kurt beating two hunters to death with his guts spilling out.

Things like this REALLY need to be figured out, the false from the truth.

What does this have to do with Halo 5 Guardians? With Locke, someone who is potentially a precursor to a new Spartan group and an ONI agent. We can finally get insight on the actual events. This game will give 343i the chance to clean up some issues with the lore. (i’m sure there are a few you might want to know about)

In short, I fell that the Spartans basic a powers should be put to a serous point.


Spartan I=20 Grunts-not to many enhancements
Spartan II=100 Grunts-Crazy enhancements
Spartan III=120 Grunts-Basically got watered down drugs but better training
Spartan IV=75 Grunts-More modern drugs, but not as good of training.
Spartan V=?- Completely unknown but if i were to guess, they’d be worth alot more than all other groups with Forerunner enhancements.

Elite Ultra-100 Grunts

It seems 343i understands that Spartans aren’t invincible and they will die on occasion, but so far to my knowledge the only Spartan IV’s that i know who died in a direct firefight and not a large amount of force or just giving their life is no one. There has yet to be a Spartan IV who has just been taken out from a well placed enemy shot or a an enemy getting the drop on them while they weren’t expecting.

If you count gameplay, than dozens of Spartan IV’s died on Requiem which bringing up the question of their usefulness when Crimson,Majestic and Shadow are running around. (to those who didn’t play much of Spartan Ops, Fireteam Shadow took out a cruiser in about 2 minutes to help Crimson. IN Sops they seem to be the only team that really helps you. )

The First Spartan IV’s we here die were sent on a recon mission that lead them straight to the Covenant’s main base, nowhere near a fair fight. Just saying, i liked Halo better when, Elites were just as powerful as Spartans but the only reason Spartans lived to see another day, was their teamwork and fearless effort. Out smarting even an advance alien race even at times taking a jab at their pride.

Not just power armored freaks rolling in Covenant blood.