finaly first person to get all campaign commendations to onyx i think

finally got every campaign commendation to onyx and yes i know a bunch of people will -blam!- and moan about it but no i did not do this for the credits i did it to actually complete the commendations in fact if i did mm i probly coulda gotten more credits then the time i took to actually do this but i believe it was worth it and just wanted to let everyone know that someone finally got them all to onyx unless someone else has complete it before me on 10/9/2010 8:20pm(perth time) 5:20 am ( time) thank you to those people from ostRepeater1-p=1 some of the posts there did help 1 thing i can say is support role and the weapon commendations are a pain amp;current=swoooooooo.jpg ill add a picture i uploaded last night to photobucket so people dont reckon im lying