Finally unlocked Milestone 30!!!

I’m so insanely excited that I finally got my chest piece for Reach!

Ended up buying ODST on a whim from Gamestop yesterday, and beat it within the first day (which was a bit disappointing).

Checked on my Milestone progress on Waypoint, and low and behold, all of my Military Police armor and my Security chestpiece were unlocked!

Soooooo excited!

What milestone are you guys sitting at?

The highest one; lolz

I personally think CQB and Military Police are the ugliest armor pieces, but I’m happy for you anyway. :slight_smile: If I’m right, I believe I was 49 the last time I checked. Or wait, 52.


I think I’m on milestone 43 or 44. Most of my missing achievements are from Halo Wars since I don’t (and probably never will) own it.

I just unlocked the last armor piece by finishing Halo 3 on Legendary last week.

53 nearly 54. Im missing the small annoying achievements for H3’s MP. And half of Halo Wars , since I’m not too great at RTS’ Im having trouble beating it on Heroic, nevermind legendary. Good game though. The only one I have 100% is ODST…I had 100% for Reach before the 2nd map pack came out

> The highest one; lolz

well i haz had all achievements for a while so at the top :slight_smile:

> > The highest one; lolz

Same, even got General.

I got to Milestone 50 a few weeks ago.
EVA baby YEAH!!!

50, yayz for achievement -Yoink!-!!!