Finally tried the custom game browser. It's great, but

it would be nice to select the order in which the games queue up instead of having it be randomized. It’d also be nice to switch the gametype during the pregame match. Sometimes people won’t join until they see a certain gametype they like. Other than that, I’m loving it. Hope halo 2A gets added soon.


It’ll be fantastic when I can 2v2 Lockout for the game that is in dire need of it, real Halo 2. :frowning:

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I have in the past have ask for a “NEXT BUTTON” button while in “PRE GAME” WHY? becasue to don’t have a map list to be able to put maps in the order of the maps we want.

I don’t get why there isn’t basic options, like lobby veto, choosing between randomized or ordered, and even the option to turn pregame off.

Once we get Halo 2 Classic, I’ll finally be able to play the sword fights of my dreams on Lockout, The best map for energy sword fights.

No shields, no motion tracker, no grenades, no other weapons, Just swords, exclusively.


Same once Halo 2 classic comes I can’t wait to do a MLG FFA on Midship and Lockout only playlist.

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Halo Online had the best system. The host would load up pairs of maps and gametypes and the lobby could vote for the next game in between matches.


yep, waiting for H2C and H2A to be available. Best halo.

also the fact that there isn’t anyone running basic gamemodes you can barely play with the normal gamemode selection

like there isn’t a community dedicated to playing gamemodes other than the special ones and 500 gun games?

I want halo 2A added ASAP. I spent a lot of time making 5+maps for the mode infection flight.

This mode is amazing and very much under the radar. It would thrive in the customs browser.

I would like to play them with a full lobby before MCC is fully dead.

I’m super happy we got a customs browser, but every time I set up a match I get frustrated with the UI.

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Generally I just only stick to H3 social but yeah I’ll probably play H2C in the custom game browser quite a bit tbh. And I really hope they expand H2C’s custom game options too that’d be so great.