:) Finally haha i got ffa halo:DD but umm.. we have some issues 343..

I don’t know if the topic is all caps but for some reason it reads like it is. Anyway.
So There are several pressing concerns for me and they are as follows

Jump height is too low

Melee isn’t strong enough, they literally have to be at like three bars of health to kill them. At the very least without shields… this kinda takes melee out of the picture as a viable weapon. I understand you’re trying for a more classic style but this is kinda ridiculous:)

Spawning… I keep spawning behind nearly dead people and the same thing keeps happening to me when I respawn I’ll do so right next to someone… i realize the maps are small though so I understand, especially in a free for all setting it can be hard to optimize spawns.

Weapons. Really. All that’s here is the Rockets, the plasma rifle (which takes the entire thing to kill someone which means if you miss one bolt your dead… and on top of that you’re dead anyway because the pistol and the ar kill so much faster and with better accuracy), I think I might have seen a plasma pistol but I doubt it… and there are the AR starts. Where are the needlers and plasma pistols? OH yeah and I’ve seen shotguns and swords too:) and the sniper…

Player speed could be better (faster preferably) but I’m not too worried about it.

I don’t know if maybe it’s just me but the whole flamin feet for overshield… I’m not digging it. You can’t tell unless you can see past them and it just doesn’t pop as much as a big bright person… but I don’t think this can be fixed in Reach unfortunately.

So I’d say you increase jump height, bump up melee damage just a smidge, maybe increase movement speed but eh… and throw in a few more weapons… spawns can’t really be fixed and neither can the overshields.

Okay so with the current melee damage you have the magnum which is a 3 shot kill. 1st shot leaves them needing 3 melees to kill (same as 0 shots) second leaves them with 2 and the 3rd (and final) one leaves them needing 1. This is only if you hit them in the body… hit them in the head and they die. Wow. That’s fair:) one shot to the head or run up and attempt to hit them while they’re moving backwards and shooting you… yeah. That’s what I meant by it’s no longer a viable option because when it is an option you don’t want to take it.