Finally got around to the response from 343

“Man…… I so want to believe that Halo Inf can be a great game.”

That was my thought(s) at launch, with the response that we got, the responses we have gotten I am starting to lose faith fast. I am all for giving a studio time to develop and/ or fix a game but……

The issue here is that these feedbacks from the devs are taking too long to get and when we do get them it’s a slap in our face. Halo Inf is failing for several reasons; which at this point have been pounded into a solid steel wall.

How can every other game (including ALL OTHER HALO GAMES) get around these issues but Inf can’t? A bullet through the wall shouldn’t happen every game.

I am sad to see Halo and both it’s Story and MP to be basically made a mockery of what it once was.

(There are a group of people here that might ask, “why can’t you just be happy with the game?” We want to be, but we have seen greatest in Halo and what it could be, only for us to get wet bread. We want that nice warm soft loaf of bread)

yeah, nobody wants their favorite content packed Triple A Title game be turned into a freemium barely functional mess where the devs gas light you all day about how the game will be fixed at a undetermined time in the future that will probably never come to pass, but thats modern gaming!


Yep… this game and 343 have broken what was left of my heart regarding any hope for this series. It’s unbelievable how poor of a job a developer can do when they’ve been working on games for a very long time. This level of brokenness and lack of fixes is down right embarrassing. Dsync and Netcode issues should’ve been fixed before anything else, and anyone with real honor would’ve halted store upgrades until core issues have been fixed entirely. They don’t care about the fans only their money, I think it’s over.

343 is literally incompetent and backwards. Durrrr, let’s punish people for wanting to play on a close server instead of just having a GOD DANG SERVER LIST LIKE 99% OF GAMES!

So sorry people want to have a stable server on your broken game!

Yep, removing the ability to geo-filter has made the game unplayable. The desync is far worse now then it was before. Pretty much always stuck at high ping now.

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It is bullcrap anyways. I het all these issues even when I have very low ping. They are pretending it is something it is not. If the solutiong was just lower pings why can we not select and see the god dang pings of a server before joining?! Not that hard. HALO PC had this TWENTY YEARS AGO!

Yeah this game is simply not fun. Should never have been released with these kind of issues.