Finally Famous is recruiting competitive players!

Finally Famous is a new clan actively recruiting competitive players for Halo MCC into Halo Infinite. We are a group of friends returning to Halo with a competitive mindset, and we are looking for like minded players. We want to be able to run competitive customs and ranked lobbies weekly. If you are interested in a small group to grow with, and maybe even find a team for Infinite, this is the clan for you. If you are able to find a team for Halo Infinite we would help you and your team fill practice slots, so that you can regular practice instead of having to look for scrims. Looking to fill a 24 man roster to have 6 teams of 4 that can play and compete with each other on a regular basis. We mostly focus on Halo 3 Slayer and Hardcore ranked for now with social in between.

1.Have a mic to communicate ( We mostly use XBL party chat, with Discord in the making. )
2. Don’t have an ego, there will be people worse or better than you in the clan. We are looking for players on the more experienced side, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be at the same level.
3. Be willing to accept and give constructive criticism.
4. 18+

I will be keeping an eye on this post, but if you prefer to speed things up HMU on xbox: Stayted

I’d be interested. Haven’t played competitively in years and would love to get back into it.

Still recruiting players with a competitive mindset, looking for players with experience in competitive play. Got the discord set up for future practices. If you want to improve your skill in a positive non toxic environment this is the place for you. To speed up the process send a message to either me or Globoy Bandz on xbox. Join Finally Famous today!