Finally a good Halo game from 343

First time after Halo 3 that I’m enjoying halo again. The aiming feels amazing(halo 3 and skill like) and the maps are finally halo like. Good joob 343, I wasn’t expecting that you gonna deliver. I think Joseph Staten kicked your -Yoink- good :smiley:

I agree for the most part, but a couple of the maps aren’t exactly Halo-like. I’m talking about Bazaar and Fragmentation. Bazaar just feels really bad to play on imo, maybe it would be better if rockets spawned less frequently and with only 2 round instead of 4. It could also use the addition of a couple more precision rifle spawns imo. Fragmentation on the other hand, feel like a fresh new take on how BTB maps can be laid out. It is a very large yet tight feeling map with a much lesser focus on long range plinking at the enemies when compared to older BTB maps, and I really like that about it. The power weapon spawns could probably be a little less frequent, but all in all it was a great map.