Final Verdict: REQ Packs

I’m curious how the community feels about this now, seeing as the game has been out for several months and most players likely have an opinion one way or the other at this point.

My question is: Are REQ packs the way 343 should approach Halo 6? Or are you in the opposite side of the fence, and want to see them return to a more typical unlock style, such as Reach, where you could choose which items to unlock with your hard earned credits?

For me personally, I’m a fan of the REQ system. Not only does it keep me engaged and wanting to unlock new items, plus give me a sense of achievement the further I progress in my armory completion, but it also feels random and exciting, like “Ooh what cool items will I get this time?!” Additionally, for those who buy REQs (I don’t), they’re continuing to fuel game development and tournaments for the community to enjoy together. Which only grows and expands the community.

Share your final verdicts! One vote cast Pro REQs right here!

There is no poll with which to vote. What is this anarchy?!?!?!?!?!

I like REQs better in their current implementation because it does not take my that long to get enough for a new pack.

Reach really dragged on with no competitive investment in ranking and with the prices that some armor would have. As with you, it keeps me engaged into the gameplay. However, some achievement/commendation unlocks awarding armor wouldn’t hurt either.

So, I guess I’m Pro REQs. Where’s a poll?

Haha I’ll recreate this post with a poll…

The REQ system needs a bit of streamlining to be rewarding.

-No emblems, all non level up and non commendation emblems should be unlocked by default.
-Helmets and armor unlock in the same card.
-Unlocking a weapon skin unlocks it for all load out weapons at the same time.

Have a reach style store in place with the req system. Req packs should be made cheaper than buying the individual item. However buying something individually should only be purchased with in-game currency not real world currency.

I see REQs as somethinng more we can get excited for each update. I would 100% want it in Halo 6

Everything but amour should be in req packs - the rest I’m OK with

No emblems, or loadout weapons, then we’re good.

it’s fine the way it is just need a way better ui

Req packs is Halo 5s thing. It was a great idea to -Yoink- people over and as well add in microtransactions…

Hopefully we can hope for a CR system like Halo Reach: rankup, unlock cool stuff, buy it with CR.

Locked in favor of Poll