Final Reach update wishlist.

With all the planned map packs out of the way now, and Halo 4 updates on a bi-weekly schedule, I think it’d be a great time to give a last update to Reach (and 3 for that matter!).

Reach still has a respectable amount of players on every day, but the playlists are too spread out to have respectable amounts of players in all the playlists. I think consolidating and fixing the few problems Reach has left in Matchmaking would be a great final service to the game. Below are my suggestions in numbered form.

  1. Remove Super Slayer. It’s one of the most underplayed playlists in game, and pretty much has been since it’s been put in.

  2. Remove Arena. Pretty much the same. I really do like the ranking system it uses (or used before it was changed), but it was never acted upon properly and now it’s dead in the water.

  3. Remove MLG. Halo isn’t even on MLG anymore, and for Halo it’s either adapt to the new game or die, so all the serious hardcores have moved on to Halo 4.

  4. Merge Anniversary Firefight into normal Firefight and increase priority of finding players with Firefight DLC. A playlist dedicated to one map is bad this late in a game’s life.

  5. Change Anniversary Classic to just ‘Anniversary’. Change it to 6v6 and put in all the Anniversary maps. Heck, if you so feel the urge, get the awesome Forge remakes also of any classic map that wasn’t in CEA. Like Rat Race for example. Make sure to keep the settings to only Anniversary settings, also. Ya know, 3SK Magnum and all that.

  6. For BTB, decrease the weighting of Heavies significantly. They’re fun, but the majority of the time it’s voted for and it really outshines superior maps like Boneyard.

  7. Increase priority of DLC and Forge maps in Invasion.

  8. Remove Team Objective and add objective game modes to Team Slayer and Anniversary. Changing the name of Team Slayer may be good as to not mis-lead players.

  9. Would it even be possible to add in JIP? Most likely no, but never hurts to ask.

  10. Make DLC be linked to console and not profile, like how Halo 4 is.

Those are my thoughts. Add your own, guys. I’m sure I’m missing things.

If they ever re-add Living Dead to Halo 3. I’ll jump back on that game immediately.

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Matchmaking is reserved for Halo 4’s matchmaking.

> This post belongs in the Halo Reach forum section.
> Matchmaking is reserved for Halo 4’s matchmaking.

Where does it say this?


Found it.

Nice to know 343i doesn’t even want to devote their forum readers to the past games, then.