Final Game fight ( idea possible ) idk

What if jul makes a gigant coventant like crusier like infinity , but it’s filled with prometheans and hiss followers included Halsey , The ship holds great power and it’s filled with Promethean tech and it has the power to compose instead of glass planets it works like didacts ship but it is a covenant themed super carier.

And the main objective is to take out the ships core and finish of jul and Halsey tries to manipluate chief or something.

once you enter the ship the song Aliens from Halo4 Volume 2 soundtrack plays :3
i mentioned this idea in a create a boss fight thread but made it more bigger do you think it is possible ?

Ok i have been watching to much stargate atlantis .

So pretty much like the final mission of Halo 4?

> So pretty much like the final mission of Halo 4?

kind of , yeah but it would be intressting to see jul have that power. kind of like when The flood took over high charity and made it into their own.

Jul needs to live in order to expose ONI for the evil it is (trying to bring back the war but with the Sangheili). Halsey is not the bad guy here, that was a fabrication that continued into the game from Karen Travis, and is willing to do anything she can to take down ONI for what Parangosky and Serin Osman did to her. If anything Osman should be the main villain that should be taken out (since Parangosky is already dead).

Add more factions and I’d love to play that.

Jul makes a ship on par with the Infinity, it’s filled with his Covies but it’s invaded by Flood, Jul calls for Promethean assistance, Chief arrives with Promethean assistance of his own (courtesy of Librarian). UNSC come in late with Covie Separatists. The ship gets hijacked/damaged by an AI and spawns Sentinels, which engage everything. Chief has to blow stuff up and escape.

Just a mock-up idea, to have that many factions would be too coincidental. Also, Chief has been doing that -Yoink- for several games now… I hope they get creative…

I still haven’t gotten over:

-lackluster Covies vs. Prometheans fights
-Covies and Proemtheans joining forces early in the Campaign
-lack of teamwork between Covies and Prometheans
-lack of combative Sentinels
-how the Prometheans are sub-par to Flood and would probably get their -Yoinks!- kicked
-lack of marine assistance

If it’s going to be just Covies and Prometheans, I’m going to put the controller down and take the disc out…