Final Achilles grind

I invite you to check out our company!
I think you’ll enjoy it much as I have. We have members that play both arena and warzone, we’re competitive but like to have fun! Your experience here is partly on you, you can’t just join one day and expect everyones going to invite you to games. Add members on Xbox and send invites get to know other members! We are also using Line free messages app, it’s fast and easy to use, and great for communication and coordinating games. Message Spartan Laser42 on line to get added to group. Be sure to add all of the leaders on Xbox, I always want to play with our new members. And be sure to read bio only requirment really is 4 hours a week average. Hope to play with you soon!

If you’re still recruiting, I’d like to join. I will be very active for the foreseeable future.


  • Adult
  • Have a headset
  • Typically rank in top 50% of games
  • I can certainly play more than 4 hr/wk


  • I only play in the evenings or weekends