Final Achilles grind

Our end goal is Achilles helmet, (we already have armor) but it is not the main priority of the leaders. We’ve continued through all the hype of Achilles to keep a very community based company and as a result about %75 of our members are interactive, setting up party’s and using Line messenger app. So if you’re looking for a fun company that plays together give us a shot. I guarantee if you put yourself out there and join us on line you’ll have a fantastic time here. We are using Line to communicate and coordinate game times, it is easy to use and works really good for those who have trouble finding players to party with. We are mostly looking for SR +50 and require 4 hours a week average. Worried about making our weekly time requirements or lower than sr50 but still wat to check us out? No problem we have Galactic Marine Corps 2 just for you. It’s a great place to see what we’re all about with less requirments. We both use same messenger so you can coordinate games with our main company. Message me chardemacdenis1 with any questions thanks!