Final achievement run

5 days to go.

Anybody up for a final run of achievements.

I’ll be up for some. Though i’ve done the all maps and playlists ones.

I need some real basic ones, like KIlltac etc.

If you need the all playlist one, there’s always someone doing them. It’s quite quick if you set the kill limit to 1!

hey guys I did all the multiplayer and I was in the middle of getting the scarab one in campaign, but I minimized the screen to do something and opened it up about a minute or two later, its telling me I cant sign into live because of a firewall or network setting. My firewall is set up to allow halo 2, windows live, GFWLstore, everything. I didn’t change it in the minute it was minimized. My network settings are the same as before. Can someone explain whats going on? I think its something about my ip adress

wait just to clarify there only taking down the multiplayer servers right, we can still do the single player achievements?

> I need some real basic ones, like KIlltac etc.

Same here, I need to do the kill 4 and get 8 medal one.

I think i read that when Halo goes offline, that’s it. No more achievements, single player or not.

Jack, and everyone else. If you’re keen on finishing this, you have my GT.

Your name on the forum here is always your GT. So send some messages and FRs out i’ll/ we’ll be online!

4 days to go…

i could use some help with a few achievements. ill return the favor. GT: FaultyThomas117