Filthy casual looking for other filthy casuals

Yep, I’m a casual. I play the game a lot, but I don’t get very competitive and I’m not hellbent on being the very best like no one ever was, but that doesn’t mean I just mess around and ruin the game for others. I’ll try, but I might not succeed :stuck_out_tongue: I play MCC and Halo 5, but I own every Halo title on 360 so if anyone wants to jump on there I’m down. My friends all play Destiny now, and I only really have one friend who consistently plays Halo with me, so I’m trying to find someone who wants to play Halo 5 and the MCC for fun. Hit me up!

Add me if you want. I’m like you I enjoy the game and like to win but as long as it’s a close game where everyone tries I have fun.

Whats up man, I’m totally up to start up a Filthy Casual clan on Reach. Nothing big, nothing serious, message me if you’d be up to start one.

Add me if you’d like