Filthy bulgarian peasant (pre-load question)

Hi there, folks it’s your favorite (only) bulgarian forum member! Just wanted to see if anyone knows when we eurofolks will be getting our Halo 5 pre-load. Any info would be much appriciated. Haven’t found any topics on EU pre-loading so I have a creeping suspicion that it’s just Bulgaria that doesn’t have the thing up online. Ah well if that’s the case I’ll just blame the government for that too. Might as well since I’m on a roll this week.

I’m from Luxembourg, the game is already completely downloaded for me, so I would think we got the preload the same time as everyone else.

Yeah I just checked the the game manager and it says the file size is 46 gigs so it seems it Halo 5 HAS been pre-loaded. This is the first time I’m pre-loading anything on the X1 so I was expecting to get a download notification but it seems the system has downloaded everything it needs in the background. Ah well that’s a relief so…uh…please ignore this embarassing thread folks! Move along there is nothing to see here.