Filter by map pack needs to be added.

This suggestion should have a positive outcome on the quality of game play and the sales of DLC for 343i/bungie

An option should be added to the search filters in the title update to include filter by map pack. This would increase the likelihood that a person that has downloaded the map packs will get a chance to actually use them on playlists outside of the DLC playlists.

I will give you an example of there infrequency at this point in time. I play pretty much only in BTB and am on almost every day

the following list shows the last time I had each map show up in BTB for me.

Breakpoint 4/27/2011
Tempest 4/23/2011
Highlands 4/20/2011

I have not gotten to use any of the maps since the end of April and I am one of the players with the most games in that playlist since that time

would you guys select a filter by map pack search option if it was made available to you? If not do you think that the answer to the problem is to make playlists more restrictive and force people to buy the map pack if they want to play in certain playlists (that is to make some of the non - premium lists more restrictive)?

I agree with you. I feel like I have wasted my money on both of the map packs. I don’t want to be restricted to just two playlists. I want to play on map packs like I did in Halo 3 in most of the playlists.

If Jeremiah had decided to not be an idiot and made ‘premium battle’ an 8v8 BTB playlist focused on Tempest, Breakpoint, and Highlands, this wouldn’t be as big an issue.

idk how call of duty does it but it seems like that filter is automatically on :open_mouth: when i play black ops i get to play the maps i payed for very frequently and it feels like they were worth it but in halo it feels like a huge waste… i never played it outside of the dlc gametypes

Yeah, something needs to be done about that.