Filming a 6-10 part series based out of halo!!!!

Hi everybody my name is Hunter and I’m currently in the process of filming writing and flushing out a 6 to 10 part series based out of Halo films in the form of a machinima. I’m in need of actors potential voice actors and some people who know their way around the halo Canon who can Aiden help me flesh out the story and making it more appealing to a wider variety of people. I’ve got a rough outline of the script But could use some help in writing it out and add an interesting story elements I have characters and the setting and a story premise. I’d love to have some people who are mature and interested in this as I am to help me see this to fruition. If you’re interested please comment here or you could email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
Please only serious inquiries I’m very interested in this project and I have been writing it for the pastFew months

Hello, I am interested in helping out with this project. Was curious if this is still going on and if you had reached out to any machinima/voice acting groups/services.

I’m just wondering if you would want a forger to make the settings and maps for the machinima? If so, I can do a good job with that if you want. I’m like 13 but I’m sure I could help forging some scenery.