Filling up the company

Hello there I am E1ite Spartan And I am Looking For any and all Members to Help Fireteam Sparta Get the Achilles Armor. Fireteam Sparta is looking for snipers,assassins,grenade specialist’s,and anything you can think of to help us get the armor and helmet . Note Fireteam Sparta is primarily looking for active and skilled players we don’t realy want inactive players in our clan if you guys are interested in joining just press the request to join button and in the box provided tell me what your good at(required) if you don’t I’m going to decline your request. So just press my gametag and then press my company name to join today we always accept help we’re ever it is that is it so what are you guys waiting for join Fireteam Sparta today And Fight for The glory of Sparta and The UNSC!.