Fileshare URL?

I was wondering if it’s possible to view your Halo 4 Fileshare on Waypoint anywhere. I wanted to find the URL of one of my clips to send to Achievement Hunter’s Fails of the Weak, but I can’t seem to find my fileshare here on Waypoint anywhere.

Anyone know how to access it here? Thanks.

Anyone? This is really frustrating considering how badly 343 dropped the ball on the fileshare overall, now you can’t even view it online?

File Share
Search for in-game File Share is still offline. Custom searches (by tag, most recommended, and most downloaded) are not enabled and will return “no files found”. We utilized something new for this particular Halo 4 feature, and it’s taking us longer than we initially anticipated getting it to a fully functional state. We recognize this is not an optimal situation, and we’ll continue working on it until it reaches shipping quality. In the meantime, here are the different actions you can take in your in-game Halo 4 File Share:

• Upload files
• Download files
• Add to File Share
• Remove from File Share
• View someone else’s File Share (by Gamertag)
• Tag Files
• Recommend Files
• Receive File recommendations

This issue also affects web availability of the Halo 4 File Share. We expect both Search and web access to come online in early 2013, and we’ll provide another update in January. Again, we apologize for the delay, and we know this is painful for many of you. We’ll be brainstorming ways to celebrate both features’ release (contests, activities, etc.), so let us know via our forums if you have any ideas in that regard.

Wait, so how did Rooster Teeth even manage to get clips for a new episode of FotW in Halo 4 if the file share doesn’t work at all for submissions? This is really disappointing. I don’t get how 343 could screw up the fileshare this badly when all they had to do was literally copy and paste Reach’s, but I guess the same can be said about Forge… :confused: