Fileshare Upload Issue

Hey all.

Today, I’ve been playing a few games with some people I know from BNet, and something occurred which was worthy of being recorded and uploaded to my fileshare. However, when I try to upload the clip, I get the message:

“The name of the creator of this file is not allowed on Xbox LIVE.”

M’kay, well my Gamertag is Dropship dude, as it has been for a good two years now. I’ve even uploaded things to my fileshare before, as is evident. I’ve searched for other threads on the subject, but was unable to find anything using the site’s search feature, so I apologise if this has been mentioned before.

Are there any work-arounds, or am I going to have to wait for a fix?


Microsoft seems to be disallowing the most random of words for no good reason.

Got no idea other than their being idiots.

Ah, that’s problematic. Knowing them it’ll be because of the word ‘dude’, which is a term used in replacement for a camel’s -Yoink!-.

Ah well. Dropship camel’s -Yoink!- must be blocked.