Files Disappear from my File Share on Halo MCC

Hey guys,

I wanted to report that from time to time, coming on to Halo MCC on Xbox, my file share files are all gone and this happens on a regular bases.

Why is this happening and how do I find a fix for this.

I did reinstall my game and again all my files were completely gone.

I then tried to save a file to the file share, logged into another Xbox and again all the files are gone.

Hope to hear back for a solution soon.

It just happened to me too (see my post history), this is the first time I’ve ever had this happen. I noticed right after the season 8 update.

Had this happen to me on 2 different fileshare accounts I use for MCC for people to come and get maps/gametypes from.

The update purged over 150 maps and 80+ gametypes from my fileshares across 2 different accounts.

I have already filed a bug report here:

Perhaps you all should do the same.

I can confirm my file share is completely gone after updating to season 8. Over 100 maps and game types I’ve meticulously collected and modified completely gone - some of which were carried over from the original 360 titles. I’ve tried quitting mcc and relaunching, recovering my gamertag on a different xbox, and checking my file share from a friends account with no luck. I suspect this was caused by adding file share support to PC players. PLEASE 343 ADD DELETED FILE SHARES TO THE KNOWN ISSUES LIST

It’s still like this for me has it fixed for anyone else

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