File Share

I am trying to get my file share from Halo Reach please bring it back

The Halo: Reach File Share can be found at the above link.

how do i find my halo 4 file share?

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> how do i find my halo 4 file share?

How do I find my file share for MCC?

what about halo 3???

Why did they have to make it so -Yoinking!- complicated for getting to fileshares? What happened to it being on a persons profile?

This is bs 343 give us back our file share for screen shots -Yoink!- it!

That’s Microsoft for ya!

They need to add it back, pronto.

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> > 2533274843688820;3:
> > how do i find my halo 4 file share?

thank you such man, been looking everywhere for someone to link it :smiley:

343 the halo fans want file share back

343i PLEASE us back fileshare access as well as Let us view our screenshots that we’ve taken in the MCC.

I can’t find my fileshare 343 give it back ! I may not have XBOX ONE but I still use my 360 !

So where the hell is my file share 343.
I know you’re all incompetent when it comes to basic features, but come on.

Did they discontinued the Halo 4 file share/file browser? I can’t seem to access my stats or the file browser.

I believe you can still access Halo 4 maps from the 360 version, but they made it awful. Go to Halo 4 Stats, view more stats, file browser (bottom option on left menu), click the double right arrow, and buy a PlayStation.

Sharing MCC maps is still nonexistent. They haven’t commented on the subject. Best to pretend there’s not a problem to discuss I guess.

Yeh come on this Grakks! I want to put my videos on youtube so i can make a career on making videos about how to win in Halo :slight_smile:

This is seriously bad. It especially stinks for certain clans that make their own maps to play custom games on, considering that they’d have to always switch control of the game over to someone else time and time again just to get the map they want. Oh well. Suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next update. Honestly, I shouldn’t have to say that, but, oh well.

I cannot find halo 3 file share please help me