file share locked

I’m a level 20 on halo 4 and my file share has a lock beside it I can’t access it is anybody else having this problem? Or do I need to unlock it somehow?

Are you using a trial code? or do you actually have a Gold Membership Account.

I have a gold membership

Ok, do you have a 4gb xbox?

No I have the 320 gig star wars edition Xbox 360

Ahh, i was gonna say, i have a 4gb, and without a hard drive it wont let me use theater mode. but that isnt your problem so sorry i can’t help :frowning:

Thanks anyways

Yeah, I can upload to my file share but can’t view other players. Also the file browser isn’t working.

I figured it was still too early for file share. But I only looked on Thursday. Now Im starting to get worried.

I have the same issue.

It’s starting to get aggravating

Yea I don’t know what the deal is

Hey guys. I have the same problem but I think I know the solution. I think the problem is saving to the Cloud (which is what I do). I’m gonna’ try moving my game files to the HDD and see if that fixes it.

It states on the back of the box that the 360 HDD is required for fileshare. Cloud and USB storage devices will not work/work properly with filesharing.

PS the search function of fileshare is not working at this time.

The fileshare just isn’t working. One of the many things 343 hasn’t fixed. The only thing they have fixed was when they accidently released the terrible Crimson Map Pack for free, where they took it away with a 30mb update and tried calling it a “Trial.”

yah I’m have trouble too. everthing is lock in my file share. maybe its how much gigs you need for it. any ideas how many gigs u need for it.

Feel free to make a new thread with a bit more information so we can help you better. :slight_smile: