File Share isn't working

I can’t search for anything on file share… I can see my friends file share but can’t search for maps or screenshots or anything on file share. Is this the case for everybody or is this just my problem?

My NAT type is moderate. Not sure if that would impact anything because I find files on Halo 3 and Reach no problem.

Films and clips seem to work fine for me, but screenshots don’t seem to work, when I save them it says that they are no available in my file share, but then there is nothing in the screenshots section of it. It worked the first time I did it for the achievement but since then it hasn’t been working for me.

Does the file share only work for MM? Because I’ve been playing Spartan Ops and campaign and no temp history files are ever saved.

Not checked since last week but I was not able to search for ANYTHING in there. There were no community files of anything available to download.

ive ben complaining about this for days! i built a map for flood and shared it but it can be seen, nor can i download or see anyone else`s maps.

Ya nothing is working for me and I can’t find anything… I want to find good maps for custom like lockout but I can’t search for anything

ya man Im having the same problem as you. It dosent seem to let me search for any maps or screen shots or anything. I think its a setting. Please help if you got the answer to my/our problem