File Share Gone Live, Kinda Moot Though

File Sharing is up, but it misses some key things I loved about it during the Reach and even Halo 3 era. So what I’ll do is talk about two things you can’t do:

  • You can’t easily embed pics on other websites. The image location address seems to also assume a download meaning you can’t link the address and post pics as you did with Reach and Halo 3’s photo uploads. The pic link above is a Photobucket link, after I downloaded the file and uploaded it just to post it here. This is something people will not wanna do consistently.
  • Film rendering does not return so I can’t post vids like I did with Reach. That alone was pretty much a deal breaker and any film/clip you find on the site downloads to your 360, which makes me wonder why have the site feature at all when all those options (including search) is in the game menu. This also means no Halo 4 montages as I did with Reach.

So yeah File Share is up on the website and you get to do absolutely nothing remotely cool with it the game doesn’t allow you to do quicker. I guess at best it’s another convenience for people and I don’t mind options. I miss film rendering even though it was confirmed some time ago to not return, and it should be easier to share photos like many other photo album file sites (like Photobucket).

No film rendering? Damn, I’m out.