"File Share Full" Error in Custom Game mode

Hello All,
I have been trying to save a Custom Game in the Halo 5 game and I keep getting the Error “File Share Full”. Can anyone tell me how to delete my File share files so I can continue with saving my custom games?

On your Xbox One, from memory, you should be able to use ‘Upload’ or ‘Upload Studio’ app under My Games and Apps to delete clips. I believe they do eventually get removed after a certain amount of time, but I can’t remember how long that is

Thank you, I got it working now. Thanks again.

I have deleted everything & I still can’t save anything… anyone know a way to fix this?

Trying to create a custom game & save it on Halo 5 so I can get the Halo 5’s Gamemaster achievement… I have nothing else left to delete & I am still getting the “File Share Full - Not enough space remaining in your file share. Please delete files before saving again”

Edit: well after a week of having nothing in My Files, I gave it another try & I can now finally save a custom game lol, not sure what happened earlier O.o

Steps To Solving This Issue That Worked For Me

  • Close the Halo 5 build - Sign out of your profile - Sign back into your profile - Try againThat’s what I did and the error stopped occurring.

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