File Share Broken

When you download a gametype from someone’s file share and go to custom games, it removes all the settings and puts them on default. So if you make a slayer gametype with rocket starts and call it rocket slayer, the person downloading it is going to be very confused when the game loads and they’re on AR starts.

This 100% needs to be fixed before Nov 8th as file share will be the only way to share maps with people when forge arrives until the browser comes in later.

Also the process to access file share is a bit tedious. using the infinite menus, go to a players profile. Then scroll down to view files. then you can see what gametypes they published, if any.
On your end, you need to go to your profile, then view my files. After that you’ll see all the gametypes and maps you’ve made so far. You then have to click on the one you want to share and find the publish setting. Anything that is unpublished will not be seen by anyone viewing your files.

If you want to test this. Find my profile on Halo Infinite, I have a few gametypes I uploaded that are mostly spartan bots in OBJ. Click on play in custom games. Then go to match settings and scroll down to bots. You should see Spartan bots on Eagle Team. When I do this, I see the bots on recruit and 0 on any of the 3 teams.

fingers crossed a hotfix makes its way into the September Drop Pod Update.