"File not Published. Try Again"

Trying to upload a Prefab and I keep getting an error that it can’t be uploaded.
Rebooted the game and that didn’t help.

Am I missing something?

Okay, fwiw, I got it to work.

Apparently, I was trying to upload the most recent version of the file: “V2”.

I didn’t recall making a second version, but gave it no thought.
…then I saw that the versions were created 6 seconds apart from each other, so I thought maybee v2 was a computer generated copy or somesuch…

Anyway, tried to upload V1 and it worked fine, no errors.

Hope this helps someone else searching for answers to the same issue.

i can’t find a fix for me, spent 2 days making a map but i can only publish an earlier version of it. I can’t even publish my game mode, please let me know if you all find a fix