FILE BROWSER need share without login

hi all:

i means File Browser its wonderful to share clips or screenshots
but when i send url to my friends they need login which some of my friends don’t have xbox one or xbox account.

that’s say

  • Game Clips - Screenshots - Map Variants - Game Varianare files.

when i want share one of these file to my friends, i wish they don’t need to login when open url link on pc or mobile phones or tablet.

i suggest that if someone open File Browser url links they need login. but give us an options like:

  1. see it with login (default)
  2. see it without login (public)
    and we could modity this privacy options on web.

and also add file browser api in halo5 public api for developers.


Try your xbox game dvr website, people used to link their videos like that before the file browser.