Fighting warden enteral in warzone

Do any of you know a trick for fighting warden. The only one I know is that on escape from A.R.C while fighting warden at crane pit if you stand on the edge of the cliff and have warden lunge at you he will fall of the cliff if you boost away

Use heavy weapons like tanks and rocket launcher to kill him.
Fast fire weapons like the AR and the Saw works too.

When I played everyone just spammed tanks and phaetons on him

Scatter, always stand in different places from the rest of your team, I usually try to play decoy to get warden and knights to turn around and face me while the guy in the tank shoots their backs or vice versa.

I think the white light on his back is the most vulnerable spot. Some general tips would be to don’t fight close to him or try to ram him cause he’ll just kill you unless you’re going in for an assassination. If you’re far enough away, he won’t charge you and will mainly just do the EMP which is dodgeable. Try to fight him near cover if you can so you can avoid the black ball if he throws it at you.