Fight to win a HALO 5 Limited edition controller!

Lets get this down, I’m a small time streamer Pc/XBOne gamer, and i need your help, this could benefit you if you’re good at halo that is…one week after the release of halo 5 on 27/10/2015! I’m going to be hosting and live streaming a FFA (Free For All) comp. I’m doing this to get a little more exposure for my future gaming channel.

I can’t just expect people to enter this competition and help me gain some popularity for nothing so you help me i’ll help you!! There will be a podium winning scheme (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Top prize being a limited edition xbox one HALO 5 Controller.

If you’d like to sign up for the comp, Add my gamer tag I sear I or dump your GT down bottom and simply send me a message with the following 'HALO5FFA’

For updates and more comps/giveaways follow me on twitter
I also mentioned it was being live streamed so if you’d like to take a look at my channel, let your friends know about it so they can cheer for you on the day of the comp! (dates and times to be confirmed due to different time zones)

Apologies for links, I’v not reached Iron Marine rank to post click links just yet.

I could be interested depending on time and day of comp.
GT: Eisenhovver
As date and time get set I will check back.

I’m down, message me the details for it

Depending on the time but Hmu im interested

Im interested, Depending on the time
GT: LividGrub
message me the details


XGN Wizzy

I’m interested
My gamer tag is Nameloc64
Message me the details

I am interested
gt the perfect dre