Fiestas broken RNG

I can’t be the only person who plays fiesta and one team will almost always the whole match spawn with energy swords, gravity hammers and spnkrs. I play fiesta quite a bit and it is one of the most annoying things to spawn with a disruptor pistol and plasma pistol in the same load out more than 4 times in a match. It feels like the game picks a weapon type and kinda just gives you that type not really a random load out.

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You should play like 20 matches and record everything you get and put the data together.

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Earlier today I had five spawns in a row where one of my guns was just the MA40 AR.

Meanwhile the enemy team LITERALLY had two guys with Rockets and Swords for most of the match.

We lost 50-17.

Someone over at Reddit Halo did record it for 5000 respawns:


No the RNG is fine, start paying attention to your team.

Half the time I find myself getting on the losing end, I realise that my team is the one feeding the enemy team Swords and Hammers.


Very nice, thank you for the reference. Sorry Sodium, it isn’t full RNG and that’s just unacceptable. It’s supposed to be random, not what “They” want it to be.

I play fiesta all the time. It’s my go to mode when I can’t be bothered with ranked and lately I end up playing it more than ranked :joy:

It is definitely random but I nearly always end up with rockets or sword though I only spawn with them proportionately to terrible weapons.

The trick is, use the weapons you spawn with as they are intended to be used and expect everyone else to have swords or rockets and read and work with your team (but not as a big group - flank!)

Constantly see people with disruptor running across the middle of the map and wondering why they die. Use it as intended, either melee and one headshot or a few burst and switch weapons for a headshot.

You’ll always beat someone who has better weapons and be able to pick theirs up then go on a streak.

However, don’t be the campy in the corner loser :+1:

Another tip -
When you (re)spawn, remember what equipment you have and think how it would be best used against sword and rockets.
So if you have repulsor remember to repel rockets and wait until sword carriers are close and smack those away.
If you have grapple keep an eye on surroundings to escape either.
Dropwalls dropped early in doorways to stop rockets etc. Then steal their weapons.

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I dont really understand how many people hate on rng in fiesta it is literally the point of the mode. Personally it was my favourite mode in mp.
Sure its not fair and can put you in bad situations but thats when its the most fun for me using a PP to get a sword and such.

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But it’s been proven to not truly be ‘RNG’ there are hidden weapon ‘rates’.

RNG shouldn’t have predetermining factors, it should be completely random or not at all.

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I disagree entirely from a design perspective to be honest.
If rng values weren’t tweaked many games would be awful and I like the fiesta game mode so I’m not angry about that in the slightest

I can understand why you’d think that as well - I guess one side would always be disappointed regardless of the design used

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I’ll be direct, in that you probably suck at fiesta. Don’t blame RNG if you can’t play outside your normal box of sword always beats everything all the time. I kill people with crap weapons all the time in fiesta and I’m not claiming to be a hardcore pro player by any means.

I’ll say right now that I normally play on a team with 2 other people, so I always know what 2 out of 3 of my team mates have at all time. With that being said I’ve played 63 matches with a 61.9% win rate, most games I’m in the top 3 of the match, and a 1.03 K/D ratio and the other 2 people have relatively the same stats. So I’m definitely not hallucinating a pattern.

You…you do know people can pick stuff up off the ground, right? Fiesta is supposed to be this nuts and if a team plays it well, they can easily dominate. RNG isn’t broken.

For someone who talks about RNG you don’t seem to understand mathematics very much…

1+2=3 so 3 out of 4

Even by pure chance you’ll be in the top 3, 75% of the time :joy:unless you’re talking about 3/8 but you’re playing as a 3 man team so not a great accomplishment.

And this is terrible for a 3 man team even if you have disruptor every time>>>

Seeing as the entire point of Fiesta is broken randomness, I’d say 343 did a great job here!


Yeah me and 2 other people in a discord chat leaving us with one random every match, as well as you can look up my stats. You can look straight across, top 3 or dead last, and dead last is in there cause those are the unbalanced matches I’m talking about.

Ok so as you know the R in RNG stands for random.

Random and probability go hand in hand.

You will have some bad matches and some good matches and some even matches and the word ‘matches’ can be swapped out with the word ‘weapons’ here too.

Not every match will give out an equal number of good, bad and average weapons.

The skill in fiesta is trying to take out the players with good weapons and pick up those weapons and then build on that advantage.

I was being a :poop: in my last comment so sorry about that one, my first comment that you ignored contained all the info you need.

I’ve just gone over 1000 games - I know the RNG is R!

If you cant adapt when you get less than desirable weapons, and try to enjoy it, then maybe switch to quick play. Yeah it sucks to get the weapons with slower TTK… but change up your play style. try to get a kill, pickup a more powerful weapon, go from there. That makes it more sweet when you do clap the other team, IMO.

Only thing I can think to add/change would be the addition of more guns. Maybe that will make it feel like youre not getting the same bad guns over and over?

All I’m really saying is any one whose played over over 15 matches in fiesta can see the pattern and literally any amount of googling will show that I’m not the only person who experiences this.