Fiesta Weighting

I just played five rounds of Fiesta - three were on Detachment and two were on Launch Site, and I didn’t spawn with rockets once. What is going on?

I don’t want to play Detachment any more.

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Finally got one half way through round 6 - fire two rockets at a sword carrier they still killed me.


I noticed this as well. Something definitely changed, I believe.

Fiesta is always one of those weird game modes where you judge immediately what other teammates and opponents have.

Nope, sry Lazy , normally I would agree with your sentiment, but I almost exclusively play fiesta and even I noticed something has changed significantly.

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Fair enough. I don’t know how fiesta weapon and equipment weighting system goes or if it’s truly random, but this is just the down side of fiesta. It won’t be balanced and fair.

I believe it was more balanced before this last update. It feels like the variance in weapons i’ve started with has decreased.