Fiesta Warzone

So Warzone Turbo is a little suspect so how about Fiesta Warzone.
You start every life with a completely random situation that can draw from all req weapons, armor mods, and vehicles.
Now It would be best if these aren’t using you personal collection.
It would be conceded that the matches would play out at the Arena level since your personal collection wouldn’t be used.
Let’s just imagine all the wonderful random possibilities Fiesta Warzone could create and the fun that could be had by all in it.

This would be more interesting than Mythic Grifball…

To make it more balanced for the vehicle spawns you’d need at least some sort of req point to get a vehicle. And I think the more Req Points you use the higher chance of a good reward.

So if you use 1 req point then you’d probably get nothing special but if you use 9 req points then you might get a phaeton or a good vehicle

Cool idea. I doubt they will even think about doing this.

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> Cool idea. I doubt they will even think about doing this.

I agree with both points. Turbo only came out b/c it was how the developers REQ’d up faster to test things in WZ. With all of the focus now on WZFF and any clean up/new things they will need to address there, fiesta is probably a (cool) pipedream