FIESTA w/no fiesta

Hello Everyone,

My name is Zachary, You can call me Zach.
Online though you can find me connected to every @Zqcharia out there, Instagram, Twitter, Xbox, even Discord. Which is why I am here, I am playing Halo Infinite mostly but open to going back to the classic’s from time to time. I am very casual, more so here for the challenges, a couple laughs and just not me in my room, in the dark, playing Fiesta with no FIESTA.

I am 24 years old from Canada on the Far East, I enjoy music & video games, I have Game Pass Ultimate, and I plan to stream me playing through some of those games on there. I’ll post my discord just because I’d love to see more join in, and then we could have a SERVER of LONE WOLVES to prey on the Fiesta Warriors.

Discord - Add Zqcharia#6622 & let me know if you want to be added to the Discord Server