Fiesta Ultimate Challenge PSA

Killing Frenzy counts as the same spree.
You literally NEED to die and get another fresh spree to get Challenge Progress. WHY 343 WHY

Yeah I noticed that too. Just another thing that doesn’t make sense.

Just finished the Ultimate Challenge : Willow Tree only applies to MK7 Armor core, a core I don’t even use.

Even when you’re progressing, the progression isn’t worth it. You could unlock a visor, helmet, kneepad, color scheme, chest piece, armor attachment and they could ALL be for an armor core you’re not using.

I understand locking event armor to specific cores. But not being able to put certain shoulder pads with certain helmets is a big mistake. Especially for a game has said it’s the most customizable Halo ever.

The worst part is color schemes being locked to certain cores. It’s the most anti-customization/anti-consumer practice in this game.

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