Fiesta slayer?

Hello all, I (of coarse) just downloaded hammer storm, grifball and social assault are present in my playlists, however fiesta slayer is not. Was fiesta just added for custom games? or am I missing some piece of information? Any help would be great, thanks and happy hunting!

I think fiesta may have been added to team arena and slayer playlists. I don’t think fiesta got its own playlist

Ahh, I didn’t think they would put that in ranked playlists, seems less competitive more social. I’d hate to lose a rank in diamond because of a fiesta slayer match lol. Oh well, any new mode’s a good mode at this point. Thanks man

I don’t have it either on my playlist. I doubt they’d put fiesta in a ranked format. The whole premise is just for fun and horsing around. I’m assuming they probably just haven’t added it yet or maybe tweaking it still.