Fiesta should not refersh loadout on self destruct

The title says it all. Fiesta should not refresh loadout on suicide. there are 2 good reasons why it should not.

  1. an accidental self destruct would possibly lose a weapon that, were it not lost, could have lead to a better understanding of a complex weapon, or a discovery of a new playstyle. in this way, the game punished you for simply mis-stepping.
  2. it incentivizes and enables suicide as a means to get the loadout you want. some players, upon realizing they can get new weapons when they suicide, will notice an unfamiliar or unwanted weapon and choose to reroll it rather than give it a try. they could even repeatedly reroll until they get their favorite weapon/playstyle, contributing nothing to the match until they get what they want.
    the caveat) The only problem I foresee is that players might get a weapon they like (the skewer, for instance,) and rather than die in battle, they play by the edge to get it back on death.
    to remedy this, simply randomize the loadouts once the player gets a kill. this way, there is no way to respawn a good weapon with more ammo.
    To conclude, by randomizing loadouts on self-destruct, new experiences and discoveries are limited as a punishment for mis-stepping, players are incentivized to not contribute until they get their favorite gun, and if implemented properly, the game’s balance would be untouched.
    Please tell me if there is an element I am missing, because as it stands, I see no good reason not to implement this.

I get where you’re coming from but this can be abused by people who have a dominant power weapon simply by self-destructing when they run out of ammo to receive full ammo

I think the solution is to buff & modify a few weapons, if I spawn with the pulse carbine I’m losing that thing ASAP.

My thought to address that is to simply reload the loadout on any death once a player gets a kill/assist. that way you can’t abuse the reset for more ammo, unless you happen to miss every single shot.

I have to disagree with the suggestion.

Regarding point 1 -
if you blow yourself up then that’s your fault, if you go from rockets to a plasma pistol, serves you right for blowing yourself up. Same goes for falling off the map.

There will be plenty of opportunity to learn the weapons. There are 12 weapons. 12! You spawn with 2 each time! And there’s always weapons laying around to swap!

There were around 100 (not exaggerating, 40ish unsc, 30ish covenant, 20ish promethian, 8ish brute) weapons in H5 and countless variations of the SMG, BR, AR, DMR on top of those, you got to learn them all … there’s 12!

Regarding point 2 -
If you repeatedly suicide, you get temporarily banned. That’s the deterrent.
Problem mentioned above by XP3C is complicated further by did you switch weapon etc.
I played fiesta for 5 years in H5 (what a waste of time) suiciding wasn’t a big problem. Players not pushing and camping was a much bigger problem.