Fiesta proves that the HUD needs improvement

There have been a lot of feedback regarding the HUD in halo infinite. With everything crammed into the bottom corner. Nothing is optimised for gameplay and many halo fans want the old style HUD back. Since the new event fracture, came a familiar gametype to play in halo infinite. With many of halo fans we’ll experienced with fiesta gametype its a metal mash up of madness of power weapons. Its a fun goofy mode, when you spawn you have a new loadout of any weapon and equipment in the game. Some times you can be lucky or not.
This fast pace gametype just proves that the HUD is terrible at giving back information back to you of what you have in your inventory and loadout. You should be able to see what you have using your peripheral vision. You shouldn’t have to focus and try and make out what you have. At a glance it should be easy to see what you have.

Top left should be grenades and under them your equipment.

Tip right should be wepons and more importantly have the classic ammo count with the visible bullet bar and not just numbers to show your ammo.

Let your vote be heard

  • Classic HUD
  • Improved HUD

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also, if you use analog keyboard and mouse. the keybinds for the grenades and abilities strobe lights the entire time your playing because it keeps switching from controller to keyboard. and back everytime you move or aim.

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im surprised with all the accessibility options we have , none of them are to rearrange the UI

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I know right. It should be one of the frist things we should of improved ever since the flights

God yeah, I often don’t even know what ability I spawned with because there’s just so much going on in that corner.

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I dunno about anyone else, but I have trouble telling I’m out of ammo sometimes. More than once I’ve been like “Why isn’t my gun firing??” since they removed the clicking noise when you’re out and the HUD is so tiny and hidden in the corner.

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I’m the same. Even though when your low on ammo the numbers turn RED and still this doesn’t help at all. I want the old ammo bar we all know in the classic HUD you could see how many bullets you had left and if it was a plasma weapon you could see the energy bar deplete. These numbers may work in other games but not halo. For example the new shock weapons the shock rifle has 100% as it ammo count but it has 4 shots. If by any chance I focus at the number count and see 50% I would make the mistake that I would have 3 or 4 shots left but nope. You would only have 2 shots left. I guess 343i like doing quick math during a gunfight