Fiesta Proves that 75-80% of the Sandbox is Garbage

Legit no reason for some of these weapons to even spawn.

If you have had a better time, discuss.


For one game I got the plasma pistol & disruptor combo multiple times, thanks, I really need two tickle gadgets against a rocket launcher. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


it really does. and it goes to show how redundant some of the weapons are too… really feels like the sandbox is lesser and worse the more you think about it

Almost got stomped on Launch Site (Pad?) by the Wraith and Wasp that spawned until one of my teammates finally got a SPNKr. There’s a reason why fiesta is usually just an arena gametype. Not a full on slayer game :man_facepalming:

i’ve had the same thought, there really aren’t alot of weapons and alot are reduntant.
and why the heck is the ravager nerved into the dirt? Its almost impossible to kill anyone with it. in the tech preview it was fine, but now …
The commando has become to weak aswel, i just never use it unless i have to.
saying all that i’m still having a ton of fun in Infinite, but there’s alot of stuff that grinds my gears


The pulse carbine could use some work.


Same here. This game is a lot of fun.

Sometimes less fun when you get a plasma pistol and Pulse Carbine combo while the other team is going ape with all the power weapons. But this is still a very fun game.

I could see what the OP is trying to say from my brief playtime in Fiesta. Only time you could use most of the weapons were when your target had a weaker weapon, which rarely seemed to happen. I think Fiesta always worked well in H2 and H3 even with so many useless weapons, but the sandbox was simply about getting Rocket, Sniper, and BR. Whereas in Infinite, it seems to be more chaotic in a bad way.

Where in Infinte can you play Fiesta? I haven’t seen it anywhere.
Super Fiesta is all I play in Halo 5 - until I get banned for quitting then I play Warfield or whatever it’s called.

New playlist. Just came out today.

TBH It’s fun. But if you don’t spawn with a power weapon your goose is cooked.

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